The 2016 DEAC Fall Workshop took place October 16-18 at The W Hotel in Seattle. Mr. Jan Friis, Vice President for Government Affairs delivered a keynote presentation on federal policy developments in higher education with an emphasis on how accreditation is keeping pace with changing demands for accountability and action. The Fall Workshop also featured Dr. Don Norris from Strategic Initiatives and his colleague, Dr. Robert Brodnick, presenting on the DEAC annual report, student achievement, and data analysis. Break-out sessions focused on each section of DEAC's standards of accreditation and were designed to support institutions that are preparing a self-evaluation report, developing materials for a substantive change, or simply interested in a deeper understanding of DEAC's standards. 

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DEAC Accreditation Standard III: Program Outcomes, Curricula, and Materials

Degree program expectations differentiate the type of instruction, curriculum, and outcomes at each program level. When colleges offer degree programs at multiple levels, the expectation is that each is academically appropriate for the credential earned. For example, the scope and expectations of associate programs are vastly different from those in graduate programs, even if they are in the same subject area. This workshop uses Standard III and other materials to guide the development and evaluation of degree programs at the associate, bachelor, graduate, and doctoral levels. Key factors addressed include DEAC Accreditation Standards, best practices in higher education, program expectations, program outcomes, program scope, and course outcomes. 

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