Kellie Cooney, Famous Alumni

Chesterfield, New Jersey

Creating change worldwide with her knowledge and passion for herbal medicine, aromatherapy and wellness

Kellie Cooney earned her master's degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine with honors from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) in 2015. She also obtained graduate certificates in Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy and Botanical Safety.

Cooney holds a BS in Fire and Safety Engineering (2004) and a doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy (2011). Her background with nearly 20 years as a paramedic and firefighter along with her passion for exploring the extreme outdoors led Cooney to use her education from ACHS to narrow the focus of her existing business, Wellness Warrior, and develop an herbal first aid and aromatherapy product line.

In 2015, Cooney founded a non-profit organization called Oils for Orphans. She hand pours the oils in Colorado and delivers them to a children's home in Uganda, Africa where they use the oils as a primary source of medicine. In January, 2016, Cooney traveled to deliver the first batch of over 500 bottles of essential oils and conducted training sessions with the staff. While she was there, she discovered eucalyptus trees that were being farmed for the purpose of making utility poles! Having studied eucalyptus in depth at ACHS and writing a research paper on the use of eucalyptus for the treatment of diabetes, she worked with the staff of the children's home to obtain and harvest the eucalyptus leaves as an opportunity to develop a sustainable future for the community. She also met with government officials and is working to bring Wellness Warrior essential oils into the country to be used by primary care physicians.

"ACHS provided the opportunity for me to dive intensely into herbal medicine and aromatherapy studies at a level that challenged me to examine my true calling. Flexibility allowed me to choose courses to propel me in the workforce. I'm proud to now have a business creating an herbal first aid and aromatherapy product line."