Julia Brown

Dayton, Ohio

Distance education helped her achieve both professional and personal goals

Julia Brown is a Logistics Management Specialist with the U.S. Air Force. She entered federal employment through the Pathways Student Intern Program. AGU was an approved school in the federal intern program and was highly recommended by co-workers.

Julia graduated from AGU's MBA program in 2015 with a 4.0 GPA. For her final project, Julia completed an in-depth Air Force process improvement effort at her workplace, including the development of a new automated review tool for her organization. When Julia completed her degree, she completed the Pathways program, received a promotion, and became a permanent federal employee.

AGU's self-paced, flexible program allowed her to pursue a degree while successfully maintaining full-time employment and her involvement in volunteer commitments. Julia is excited to explore the expanded job opportunities that having her MBA could bring in the future. She also looks forward to having more time to explore her musical hobbies and serve as the music director for a local children's theater 10.

"The most beneficial part of the MBA program was that it challenged me to apply the academic knowledge gained in my studies to a real-world environment."