Stephanie Harwell

O'Fallon, IL

Online education has helped further her success within the military and the civilian workforce

Stephanie Harwell credits earning her Grantham University Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Master of Science in Information Technology with helping propel her career within both the USAF and civilian workforce. Throughout her education, she juggled studies, a hectic military and family life, health challenges and a demanding job.

Stephanie graduated from Grantham University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (2005) and a Master of Science in Information Technology (2011). The knowledge gained from Grantham's network engineering courses helped Stephanie infuse new technology requirements into the U.S. Air Force's technical school curriculum and job qualification requirements. She also used her education to improve processes and lower costs for software development, integration and deployment of live-virtual-constructive (LVC) cyber simulators.

As a 24-year U.S. Air Force (USAF) veteran, Stephanie retired from the military in 2004 at the top enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant and as a pioneer in the concept of cyber simulators for the USAF's Cyber Operations Crew Force immersive training and exercising. In the private sector, she has risen among the executive ranks as an expert in cyber systems and LVC cyber environments – now serving as chief operations officer of Metova CyberCENTS. In this role, she is responsible for development, integration, sustainment and maintenance of Metova's Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®).

"I returned to school for my master's degree facing a demanding job and frequent travel, but the staff at Grantham was very in tune with the demands of today's military and workforce. They worked professionally with me to ensure I was successful in completing my courses and graduating."