Paul Hovan

Stratford, CT

Health and fitness sparked the passion and life I live today

I was overweight as a child. In high school, I used it to my advantage and excelled as an athlete. In college, I developed a new love for my health, body, mind and spirit. ISSA instilled in me the confidence to take my knowledge and expertise to the next level.

During my senior year in college, I decided to start my online training and nutritional coaching business. By that time, I was a certified personal trainer for three years and was about to graduate as a professional in the field of exercise science.

During the next three years, I would go on to coach and train hundreds of individuals - from the overweight mom looking to get back in shape, to my competitive athletes taking home 1st place trophies in bikini competitions. I went from begging to have clients, to now only accepting 7–8 at one time, due to the time, attention, and detail I put in to each one of them. I always believed and never gave up!

"ISSA is the best organization to obtain new expertise, knowledge, and education in the fields of health, fitness, and exercise science. I'm now more equipped than ever to help others discover their true potential and guide them along their path to improved health, wellness, and quality of life."


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