Elizabeth Exline

Burke, VA

Distance education is life changing

Elizabeth received her Veterinary Technician Associates Degree from Penn Foster College in April of 2015. She earned her degree while working full-time as a Small-Animal Practice Manager. Choosing distance education was a perfect fit for her busy schedule. After researching Penn Foster's AVMA-accredited program, it was an easy decision.

Inspired by the experiences of her youth, Elizabeth decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field, and initially learned the intricacies of the trade through hands-on training. In her late twenties, she chose to expand her knowledge in the field by pursuing a degree. As a full-time Practice Manager at a Small Animal Practice, Elizabeth was thrilled with the flexibility to further her studies in veterinary technology through distance education. After earning her Associate's degree with honors, she is excited for the road ahead, and for all the possibilities open to her within the veterinary field now that she possesses a DEAC and AVMA-accredited degree.

Elizabeth completed her degree program with a 3.86 GPA, and was very active in the Penn Foster Student Community. Since graduating, Elizabeth continues to stay involved with the school as a member of the Veterinary Academy's Advisory Committee, attending student meet-ups and offering continued support to fellow students through focused outreach and Penn Foster's Student Community. Elizabeth also plans to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in veterinary technology, and intends to once again seek out a distance-learning school to continue her education.

"My experience of receiving a Veterinary Technician degree from Penn Foster College changed my life. It will further my career in ways I can only begin to dream of. I can honestly say this degree is one of the things that I am most proud of in my life."