Thuy Houng Nguyen, Famous Alumni

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Distance education promotes her life

Apollos University was a dream come true for Dr. Thuy Huong. It allowed her to study online and was awarded the Doctor of Business Administration in May, 2015. She is a senior lawyer as well as a professional host for Ho Chi Minh City Television for over 10 years.

Dr. Huong Thuy Thi Nguyen started her television career by winning First Place in a 2005 The MC Contest organized by Ho Chi Minh Television. Since 2005, she has continuously appeared on TV, radio and at public events as the host, MC, or guest speaker. With her extensive experience in communication and public speaking, she has received many invitations to teach communication and speaking courses in Viet Nam. She holds three master's degrees as well as the Doctor of Business Administration from Apollos University.

The knowledge she gained from Apollos helped her to forward her careers to new levels. She now supports her law firm by solving international matters for clients. Due to her doctoral status, she receives additional teaching invitations to share her knowledge and experience within Vietnam. Her MC/host career has grown to where she is now requested to join new programs on both television and radio. As if she is not busy enough, Dr. Nguyen recently created a new show on YouTube titled "Thuy Huong Rosie Show." She is not only a host for the new show but also one of the producers. She often interviews outstanding people to share their knowledge, advice, or their life with the audiences. She would like to create her new channel to communicate with her audience more professionally. Her ambition is to grow the "Thuy Huong Rosie Show" into a world famous program and if her past is an indicator of her future, the show will become a world class production.

"I was very impressed with Apollos University. Its flexible, high quality programs pushed my long-sought dream of obtaining my Doctor of Business Administration into a reality."

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