Moji Oluwa, Famous Alumni

Eagle Rock, California

Walk the talk and people will follow

Moji Oluwa was trained as an Olympic Weightlifter from the age of 14. After winning numerous medals for his country, he fulfilled his dream at the 1996 Olympics and decided his passion was helping others get healthy and fit. Patrick Gamboa introduced Moji to ISSA and it changed his life.

I came from a third world country where proper resources were not available for me to achieve my goal of becoming an elite athlete. The passion I have for Olympic weightlifting led me to become creative in my training since I had little or no resources available. My journey to achieve my goals were difficult without the support of friends and family. It was lonely with no support but that helped me become a stronger and independent person. I was determined I was going to achieve my goals no matter what stood in my way. This started me watching documentaries on the human body, fitness magazines and books that were available to me. Pumping Iron was my biggest influence at that time and I knew my ultimate goal was to be the best and to move to the USA for opportunities in the fitness industry.

After achieving my dream at the 1996 Olympics, I decided to retire from Olympic Weightlifting and share my knowledge and experiences with others. I felt the need to inspire, teach, motivate and empower people to take control of their health. I have been coaching for 20 years. Coaching has also taught me patience and that each person is an individual with different needs. I learn something new everyday from my clients. I enjoy seeing their improvements physically, mentally and emotionally. I train athletes, competitors, persons with disability and everyday people that just want to be fit. I have truly fulfilled my passion and dream.

"The ISSA is the main key to a successful career in fitness due to their education and a great staff. I went from making $15 and hour to now making over $125 and hour and get to travel to fit expos, compete in Professional Natural Bodybuilding, do seminars in Olympic Weightlifting, supplementation and Golf Fitness."

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