Cheung Kwong Hung, Famous Alumni

Hong Kong

Distance education gave him the knowledge vital in establishing and enhancing his company's operations

Dr. Cheung Kwong Hung graduated from the University of Management and Technology with a Doctor of Business Administration. He pursued the DBA in order to strengthen his management knowledge, skills, and techniques.

Combining the knowledge and experience from having worked in the industry for many years all the way up to senior management level and from obtaining his DBA, he established a number of companies in the consulting and engineering practice. These companies are now running hundreds of consulting jobs in new hotels, cinemas, schools, swimming pools, offices and residential buildings and the modernization of more than 100 elevators. The practical and contemporary management knowledge, skills, and techniques obtained from the University of Management and Technology have proven indispensable in his daily operations. The research study of non-engineering topic areas in the DBA program extended his creative and innovative thinking beyond the framework normally established by engineering professionals, which is a derived lifelong benefit.

Dr. Hung regularly contributes to society by being active in public service. He is the chairman of the Hong Kong Institution of Building and Services Engineers and a member of the Government Technical Committee. As an industry expert and technical adviser, Dr. Hung gives advice and contributions to the industry. Dr. Hung is the founding chairman of the University of Management and Technology Hong Kong Alumni Association as well as the Global Universities Alumni Union, which connects more than 50 local and overseas university alumni associations, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. They promote cooperation and networking among alumni associations throughout the world and strengthen the social and ethical responsibilities of university graduates and alumni associations. He lectures part-time at different universities and educational institutions.

"The University of Management and Technology's DBA program is a perfect choice for me. It enriched my business and modern management knowledge, which significantly benefited me in exploring and establishing companies in the consulting and engineering field as well as enhancing their daily operation, management and growth."

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