Elaine Cartagena

New York, New York

First generation graduate earns a future where anything is possible

Elaine Cartagena is a champion among nurses. Her desire to provide better patient care led her to American Sentinel University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Earning her BSN has given Elaine the tools to think critically and provide excellent care to her patients.

While working on her BSN degree and working full time as a nurse in the ER, Elaine was given a life-changing health diagnosis. While others may have considered this as a reason to delay school or possibly withdraw, Elaine looked at her diagnosis differently. She saw this as an opportunity to put her focus into her futureā€”earning her degree. She felt that as long as she was working towards a future goal, she had a reason to keep going.

Not only did she not stop taking courses while fighting for her life, but she also graduated with a 3.76 GPA. When Elaine first started her BSN, she had a deep level of compassion for her patients, but she didn't have the level of confidence in the care she was providing the way that she does now. She developed this confidence through evidence-based learning; she now seamlessly hosts presentations for her department and has the assurance to implement change and solve facility issues using some of the critical thinking skills that she developed at American Sentinel University. Elaine is already working on her Master's in Nursing, specializing in Management and Organizational Leadership. Distance learning offers her the freedom to continue expanding her knowledge in the ever-changing health care community while improving nursing procedures and promoting change in her profession. Elaine's developed critical thinking skills are an important aspect of her profession and thanks to her degree, she has the tools to teach and support others while improving patient care.

"Education is extremely vital, especially when rendering my care to many families who come from under-served communities like my own. I needed to belong to a school that genuinely cares for the student's success. This is the reason I chose American Sentinel University."

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