Tony Conn 

Crum, West Virginia

Distance education allowed him to become a licensed Massage Therapist while working full-time

Tony Conn enrolled in the Massage Therapy course through U.S. Career Institute so he could use Massage Therapy to enhance the lives of others. The course allowed him to study at his own pace while working full-time and to fulfill his dream of opening his own spa.

Tony Conn has always been interested in total wellness and loves bringing physical and mental tranquility to the lives of people around him. He dreamed of owning his own spa, but was worried that he would never be able to complete a massage therapy program while working full-time as an educator. Tony was excited to find the Massage Therapy course offered by U.S. Career Institute because it allowed him the flexibility to complete his course and obtain his Massage Therapy license while juggling his other responsibilities. He graduated from the course in June of 2016, with highest honors and a GPA of 97%.

Since graduating, Tony has accomplished his dream of opening his own successful independent spa in Crum, West Virginia. He is able to run his spa as a supplement to his job as an educator. Aside from providing high quality therapeutic massage, Tony assists his clients with techniques they can utilize at home to help reduce pain and stress in between appointments. Tony also incorporates the knowledge and skills he gained in his course by offering an essential oil class that he teaches weekly. Within just a year, Tony has achieved his dream of becoming a licensed Massage Therapist, owning his own spa and bringing the gift of wellness to his community.

"I am proud of successfully completing my Massage Therapy course through U.S. Career Institute and becoming a licensed Massage Therapist. I am humbled to know I can help others have a happy, healthy life and that I am getting paid to do a job that I love."

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