Artez Franklin 

Montgomery, Illinois

Online education helped him reach personal goals and allowed a continued successful career

Mr. Artez Franklin achieved a distinguished career serving in a combat support role while in the United States Air Force (USAF). He credits his Master of Business Administration in Project Management from the University of Management and Technology (UMT) for earning him multiple prestigious job offers in the Chicago area.

Artez Franklin graduated from UMT with an Associate in Business Administration (2013), Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management (2015), and a Master of Business Administration in Project Management (2016). He began his undergraduate program in January 2013 while still in the Air Force. Artez was able to apply the knowledge he gained from UMT's business courses to his profession. This assisted him in effectively managing personnel, a wide range of projects and programs, and streamlining business processes for 47 government facilities. He also used his education to inform project and program improvements while at Headquarters, Air Force Personnel Center saving the organization $1.6 million.

As a 20 year USAF veteran, Artez retired from the military in 2014 at the top enlisted tier as a Senior Noncommissioned Officer. He dedicated the next two years to reaching his personal education goals by completing the Business Administration program and graduated in December 2016 with a 3.54 GPA. Since graduating Artez has received multiple offers from several Fortune 500 companies and is currently in negotiations with one of them. He attributes his many opportunities to the experience gained in the Air Force and the outstanding education he received at UMT.

"The University of Management and Technology demonstrated a genuine investment in my education throughout the undergraduate and graduate program and provided unparalleled schedule flexibility while I transitioned from the military, which resulted in me entering the civilian workforce well equipped and very qualified."

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