Obi Obadike, Famous Alumni
La Verne, CA

Redefining the fitness industry through
tenacity, hard work & quality

Mr. Obi Obadike earned the International Sports Sciences Associations Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Certifications in 2013.

Obi Obadike graduating from ISSA with a certification as a trainer and a nutritionist gave him the credibility and knowledge to be a best-selling author of The Cut. And to be one of the most popular writers and trainers in the fitness industry who has written over 100 articles. He was a columnist for fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Inside Fitness, Physique, Ultra-Fit and many others. He was a writer for the largest fitness internet site in the world called He had one of the most popular columns for called AskTheRippedDude for 4 years and he was 2012 writer of the year for the site. He has trained some notable celebrities such as Steve Harvey, ESPN Analyst Stephen A Smith, Morris Chestnut and many others.

He has helped thousands of people lose weight but one of his transformations became very popular nationally in which he helped a guy lose 117 pounds in one year from being a focus group for his book. In 2014 he was metrically recognized as one of the top ten most influential experts on the web by Dr Oz's

The credibility, education and knowledge as a trainer & nutritionist from ISSA also helped him land a co-host role in 2014. He is the current co-host of a national syndicated health TV show called Lifestyle Magazine. He was won 3 Telly Awards with this show. He has interviewed some of the biggest celebrities on this show.

"ISSA's distance education helped build the foundation which contributed to writing my best-selling diet and exercise book The Cut."