Casey Moebius
Portland, TX

Online degree was the perfect choice
to move ahead in her profession

Casey Moebius was a full-time nursing instructor in Corpus Christi, Texas, when she began thinking about earning her doctorate. After researching multiple online programs, she decided that American Sentinel University's Doctorate of Nursing Practice program was an ideal fit for her personal life and work schedule.

In a little over two years, Casey completed her DNP educational leadership specialization program with a 4.0. During her coursework and residencies (virtual and on-campus), she developed relationships with her peers and rapport with faculty. For her capstone project, Casey focused on the impact a nurse faculty success program has upon teaching effectiveness. To aid her research, she drew upon her own experience when she was a new faculty member. After graduating in December 2017, Casey has applied her experience and knowledge from her program at American Sentinel University to her career as a faculty member at Del Mar College. She has taken over as the current chair of the faculty development committee, aiming to implement her studies to foster an exemplary environment for faculty, ultimately improving her students' experience.

She has developed a strong professional network and is motivated to stay current in the world of nursing education to continue to grow in her profession. In June of 2018, she walked at American Sentinel University's commencement with fellow faculty members from Del Mar College.

"The amount of support offered by the leadership and student advisors made the experience very positive. There was never a moment where I felt without help. I would recommend American Sentinel University to anyone who is looking to pursue a degree that is conducive to life and work!"