Michael Grasinski
Bloomington, IN

A two-lane street of alternative and mainstream medicine working together

Michael Grasinski was searching for a way to complete his BA degree when he discovered Catholic Distance University's degree completion program. CDU's convenient, flexible, but academically rigorous education provided intellectual formation that was invaluable to his spiritual growth and enabled him to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree.

After Michael had interrupted his life of sales and account management with a year of discernment in the seminary, he accomplished what he first thought was impossible because of time, money and location—obtaining a BA Degree. He stumbled upon CDU's degree completion program in theology and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Grateful for the in-depth education CDU provided, Michael is continuing his education and plans to complete a graduate degree in theology to certify him for teaching. Michael understands that theology is useful for responding to contemporary challenges, particularly those concerning one's fundamental identity. Coming from a business background, Michael finds that theology informs the way one sees reality and thinks about a range of subjects, especially one;s Christian vocation. In his free time, Michael works on DIY projects and learns how to be a better cook; both he and his wife enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature.

"Stumbling upon CDU was a true grace, and it provided the perfect opportunity to not only finish my undergraduate education, but to do so in the area of greatest interest to me."