Ram Shucart
Eugene, OR

His education took his career
to the next level

Having established a career as a jeweler at a crafting level 20 years ago, Ram Shucart knew an education from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) would catapult his career to the next level by providing him with knowledge and credibility. In 2016, he earned his Graduate Gemologist diploma.

Ram started GIA's Distance Education program in 2004, but had to halt on his studies, as he became a single father and needed to focus on being all things to his daughter. However, he never lost sight of his dream to return. Through much perseverance, he was eventually able to resume his studies earning his Graduate Gemologist diploma in 2016. Ram suffers from severe dyslexia and had to rely on his computer to read his course work to him. His greatest challenges were not comparing himself to others and learning to ask for help. He could not work quickly, but worked diligently toward his goal. His motto became "Slow, but sure."

Since graduating, Ram and a partner established ReNewVeau, a company that buys antique jewelry to resell and refine. They focus on recycling jewelry of old by reselling pieces whole or breaking them down and reselling the gemstones and parts or refining the metal. The company also offers a gem identification service. Their customers are mainly online retailers selling antique jewelry to the consumer and want to be assured they are representing the pieces accurately. Additionally, Ram continues to create jewelry. He graduated from wire-wrapping and found his niche creating jewelry using antique silverware. He specializes in creating one-of-a-kind rings and other jewelry set with gemstones using antique silver spoons and forks. Ram sells his jewelry at art shows and local markets. In the coming year, Ram will focus efforts on building an online presence for his businesses.

"The Gemological Institute of America has given me a sense of pride and self-acknowledgment. Since graduating, I have established inner and professional security. The knowledge gained from their education has provided me with the confidence and credibility needed to grow my businesses."