Michael Wittig
Tulsa, OK

Inspiring others to be their best
regardless of age or current condition

Since his youth, Michael Wittig has always been passionate about music and fitness. After a successful career playing positive music all over the world with his Grammy-nominated Christian rock band Pillar, he has built an international platform motivating people to be healthy and fit with his ISSA personal training certification.

After Michael's successful music career he looked to ISSA to pursue his passion for fitness. Upon becoming an ISSA Certified Trainer he was hired by 'Elite Training Tulsa,' eventually becoming the head trainer and manager. He has published five e-book programs and recently produced his first 12-week video trainer.

Competing to inspire others Michael won the Mr. Oklahoma title and his IPE Natural Pro card in Men's Physique and Classic Physique in 2017 at age 40, while competing against men half his age.Sponsored by some of the biggest companies in the fitness industry Michael uses his growing social media platform to reach hundreds of thousands daily. Continuing his education Michael is now working towards his ISSA Master Trainer status.

"My ISSA certifications laid the groundwork for my entire fitness career enabling me to inspire thousands across the globe. My biggest reward is when others share they want to follow in my footsteps and join ISSA."