Kevin Stankovich
Riley, MI

With distance education, he manages life as a teacher, business owner and student

Kevin Stankovich is a teacher and small-business owner who keeps abreast of industry trends. After earning Associate of Applied Science in Architectural/Construction Technology and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degrees, Kevin utilized distance learning through Penn Foster to expand his skillset to better serve his clients and students.

As a student at his local college, Kevin started his own construction company. To further his knowledge of the construction field while juggling his busy schedule, he began taking Penn Foster courses. Kevin completed the Green Building Practices, Home Inspector, Furniture & Cabinet Maker, and Plumber programs at Penn Foster, and often uses the knowledge obtained from those courses to supplement the classes he teaches. Penn Foster's self-paced education model allowed Kevin the flexibility of learning while also teaching and managing his company.

Kevin now uses his Penn Foster trades knowledge to teach Interior Design, Building Systems, CAD, and 3-D modeling courses at a local college in his home state of Michigan. By applying what he has learned in his studies, he is better able to explain concepts and ideas to both clients in the field and students in the classroom. Last year, in collaboration with the college where he teaches, Kevin built a coffee bar designed by one of his students for a local church that was undergoing renovations. He believes it is important to share what he's learned from Penn Foster with others and is inspiring others to pursue their educational goals through self-paced distance learning programs. Kevin recently discovered Penn Foster's Lifelong Learner program, and is excited to continue his education to better his business, his students, and his life.

"A Penn Foster education was affordable and flexible. Those factors, combined with the distance learning aspect, allowed me to take multiple courses, on my own schedule, and helped me reach goals I set for myself."