Cynthia Keith
Villa Rica, GA

An ad designer stands out in her class

Cynthia Keith enrolled in the Sessions College AOS in Advertising Design program in May 2016.

Cynthia completed her program in December 2017 with an outstanding record and many faculty commendations. According to Ad Design Department Head Kristen Becker: "Cynthia Keith is far and away one of the most promising and exemplary students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her research, inspiration and design process is highly effective on all levels. Her ability to articulate herself, ideas and results in a warm, explanatory and professional way is the bow on the whole package."

"Sessions was a perfect fit for me; as a wife, mother, and small business owner I had to find the right school. Sessions offered the classes I needed to sharpen my skills and advance my career. The classes and teachers prepared me for an unexpected job promotion I received midway through my program."