Robert Jordan
Kitty Hawk, NC

Distance education and a never-quit
attitude helped him achieve his dreams

Robert Jordan III was raised to never quit. After health issues ended his career as a dune buggy tour guide, he turned to the culinary arts, but further complications forced him to make another change in 2014. That's when he aimed his passion for firearms repair toward his future.

During his studies in Sonoran Desert Institute's Associates of Science in Firearms Technology program, despite having total blindness, Robert achieved a 3.82 GPA and blazed a trail by working closely with his advisors, faculty, and staff to improve accessibility. Mr. Jordan remained committed to turning adversity into opportunity by helping SDI's graphic design team customize documents for the best possible interface with e-reader technology, improving not only his own educational experience, but that of students with similar challenges who might follow in his footsteps.

Robert Jordan III's positive attitude remains a powerful inspiration at Sonoran Desert Institute, and every advisor and faculty member who has worked with him commends the indomitable spirit with which he approached every assignment during his time at SDI. Since graduation, Robert Jordan has begun the plans to open a small firearms maintenance and repair operation at his home. With the support of his family, the outcomes of his hard work at the Institute, and his never-quit attitude, Mr. Jordan is pursuing his dreams, and hopes to inspire others to overcome their challenges and achieve greatness.

"Self-discipline, hard work, and knowledge is what I learned from attending SDI and will translate into any occupation and personal growth in my future."