Miriam Popp

Miriam Popp, Famous Alumni
Bakersfield, CA

Creating a ripple effect of change in the world

Miriam Popp was on the hunt for a school that would provide a well-rounded approach to holistic living. She discovered American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) and decided to enroll in the Associate of Science in Health and Wellness program in 2015.

Miriam graduated from the Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness program. She also completed the Certificate in Wellness Consulting program with honors. Her dream of empowering overworked, overstressed women with mind, body, and soul tools to manage their stress would soon become a reality with the education she earned at ACHS.

During her last year of studies with ACHS, Miriam built her online based coaching business, Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching, which encompasses everything she learned in her Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness program. She utilizes social media to promote and increase exposure for her business and mission. She has created online workshops, a weekly live show on Facebook, digital courses, and one on one coaching programs focused on living full, vibrant lives holistically. Miriam has also joined Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places (YWRAP) located in Bakersfield, California and spoken to young girls about living a balanced life using holistic tools.

"Truth be told, armed with what I have learned at ACHS I have been able to create a ripple effect of change in the world."
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