Zhiying Chen

Zhiying Chen, Famous Alumni
Tangshan, China

distance education opened up new
enterprise management thinking

Dr. Zhiying Chen graduated from the University of Management and Technology with a Doctor of Business Administration degree. She pursued the DBA degree to strengthen her management and professional theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Dr. Chen applies the knowledge she gained from the UMT DBA program, along with years of senior management experience in the yeast industry, to all aspects of production, R&D and sales in her company. Additionally, she applies the newly acquired innovative thinking to the management of professionals. Leading the innovations in yeast biotechnology in China, her company has increased manufacturing capability and expanded its facility covering 30 acres of land and now generates US$45 million in annual revenue.

Her company is also making breakthroughs in promoting and applying its products in the fields of nutritional food, animal nutrition, bio-fermentation, organic agriculture and so on. Under her leadership, the company actively explored the international market and its products are exported to more than 20 countries. As Vice-President of Hebei Seasoning Association and Vice-President of Hebei Feed Industry Association Council in China, Dr. Chen actively provides advice and makes contributions to the food and feed industry.

"UMT's DBA program enriched my business operation and modern management knowledge."


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