Megan Meisner

Megan Meisner

Distance education allowed Megan to utilize her knowledge and have a positive impact on others

Megan made the decision to leave her full-time job in favor of starting her own business as a fitness professional. To set herself apart in the industry, she enrolled in the ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer program. She was confident that this nationally-recognized certification would give her the advantage.

Megan discovered her passion for fitness at the age of 16, when her mom gave her a gym membership for her birthday. Eager to learn more, she applied to teach fitness classes and was turned down. This didn't stop her.

After achieving two Bachelor's Degrees from Illinois State University, in Program Management and Commercial Recreation, along with an Exercise Science minor, Megan went on to complete the ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer program. Already familiar with the ISSA, she knew this certification was an essential way to stand out in the industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. In 2014, she resigned from a full-time job in corporate fitness to become self employed.

"The materials, resources and support provided by the ISSA have strengthened my knowledge and fueled my passion for fitness, allowing me to help others improve their health and become the best versions of themselves."