Bettye Lee Long-Walden

Bettye Lee Long-Walden
Madison, AL

Achieving her personal and professional goals through distance education

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Bettye Lee Long-Walden was working as an Information Technology Specialist at Redstone Arsenal when she began her journey to earn an advanced degree. The flexibility offered by the distance education programs at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) provided the opportunity to earn her Master of Science in Management.

She competed and was selected for an Army Civilian Scholarship through the Academic Degree Training program. She graduated from UMT in September 2017 and was inducted into the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society for superior academic achievement. She was selected as the graduate representative to deliver the 2018 Commencement Address. In her address, she shared her personal story about how distance education helped her balance work, school, and family responsibilities in order to achieve her goals. The knowledge gained from her studies benefited both her and her organization. She used her new skillsets to lead major information technology projects which resulted in increased efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings. As a result, Ms. Long-Walden was awarded the Department of Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service.

Since graduation, she has become the Deputy Program Manager for a major software application. She also has devoted countless hours to mentoring others. She enjoys sharing her experience with other Army Civilians to help with their professional development and growth. Most importantly, she is dedicated to giving back to her local community through volunteer work and community service.

"Education is a journey filled with hope and dedication to learning new things and leaving this world a better place. I am so thankful to UMT for being a part of my journey."