Katja Evans

Katja Evans, Famous Alumni
Braintree, VT

After earning her degree online, SHE pivoted to helping her community members achieve optimum health

Katja Evans, eager to change careers, researched accredited online holistic health education and enrolled at the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS). In 2020, she earned her Master of Science in Health and Wellness.

Katja graduated from ACHS with honors. Throughout her program, she selected courses that provided a comprehensive overview of an integrative approach to health and wellness. Her studies at ACHS culminated in a Capstone Project that focused on community initiatives and secured grant funding for a local elementary school to implement a Farm to School program. This program will directly impact the school's nutrition, health curriculum, garden, and local food economy.

With her newly gained knowledge and expertise in nutrition and anatomy and physiology, Katja is now teaching class members about disease prevention, specifically Type 2 Diabetes. After graduation, she accepted a new position as a Care Coordinator at her local hospital as part of the Community Health Team. This team focuses on lifestyle disease prevention and barriers to healthcare for its patients. Katja is an active health and wellness advocate. She serves on several committees that support community health initiatives. Katja is also a school board member. Her interest in health in wellness has transformed into a passion helping others achieve optimum health.

"I chose ACHS because I wanted to focus on an integrative approach to health and wellness. The range of classes and online format allowed me to earn a comprehensive education on my schedule. The coursework built my solid foundation of knowledge which led to my new career."