Peter Ponzio

Peter Ponzio
Elburn, IL

Doctorate from Harrison Middleton University helped to advance his teaching career

Peter Ponzio, Doctor of Arts, is a tutor of imaginative literature and social sciences at Harrison Middleton University and teaches finance at Loyola University of Chicago. His studies at HMU led to his employment at Loyola University and his appointment as Tutor at Harrison Middleton University.

Dr. Ponzio graduated from Loyola University with a bachelor's degree in English literature and received his CPA license shortly after graduating from Loyola. He worked for thirty-five years in various financial positions and retired to pursue his goal of continuing his education in order to teach. He earned a Master's degree from Northwestern University and a second Master's degree in the humanities and a Doctoral degree in humanities from Harrison Middleton University with an emphasis on imaginative literature and social sciences.

Harrison Middleton allowed Dr. Ponzio to set up his own program of study, which was comprised of two broad time frames: imaginative literature and philosophy from Homer through Dante and a second time frame which focused on imaginative literature, psychology and social sciences from Chaucer and Erasmus through Sigmund Freud. Dr. Ponzio's Capstone on Charles Dickens was adapted for publication by McFarland & Company, a leading publisher of academic non-fiction, and is titled Themes in Dickens: Seven Recurring Concerns in the Writings. Dr. Ponzio's interest in Charles Dickens has led to several other publications in academic journals.

"Harrison Middleton University is a Great Books institution and coursework is designed around the Great Books of the Western World. All work is performed based upon an analysis of the primary texts, which encourages students to interact with the text, their tutor, and the author."