Lonny Barrett

Lonny Barrett 
Colorado Springs, CO

Distance education supports his mission
of serving fellow veterans

Lonny Barrett is a veteran who is committed to serving his brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Attending Sonoran Desert Institute's Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate and Associate of Science Degree in Firearms Technology programs gave him an opportunity not only to get an education, but to explore new ways to support his fellow veterans.

Lonny Barrett, a US Navy Veteran, graduated SDI's Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program and Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree programs with a 3.99 cumulative GPA. While a student at SDI, Mr. Barrett became an active member within the Student Veteran Steering Committee (SVSC), offering student-leadership, sponsorship, and invaluable input on projects that enriched the academic experiences of SDI's students. Thanks in part to the efforts of Lonny and the SVSC, SDI created a virtual community center and a physical veterans' resource office in 2019. In addition to acting as a voice for his fellow student veterans at SDI, Lonny Barrett provided assistance and guidance to many of them directly through social media contact and even, in some cases, face-to-face meetings with those that were in his local area! Now a graduate, Lonny still supports the success of SDI's students by continuing his participation in the Student Veteran Steering Committee and through membership in the SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society.

Lonny Barrett's outreach doesn't end with virtual outreach, however; he balances working full time on Peterson AFB and supporting his local community through volunteer work. He is the President of The Enlisted Association, Chapter 1, an organization that provides physical and emotional assistance to disabled and/or hospitalized veterans, disadvantaged children, and senior citizens. Lonny also donates some of his time assisting with the planning of the annual Colorado Springs Veteran's Day Parade. Lonny Barrett exemplifies the figure of servant-scholar, and SDI is proud to call him our Outstanding Graduate.

"A career in the Navy taught me self-discipline, motivation, and attention to detail. Those skills helped me excel as a distance learning student at Sonoran Desert Institute, which taught me a valuable trade skill, time management, and how to create and excel in my own business endeavors."