Dorothy Dilworth

Dorothy Dilworth 
Inverness, FL

Learning is a life-long journey made easier with distance education

Dorothy Dilworth is a mother of two and grandmother of four who has completed multiple degrees at Ashworth College, most recently earning an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies.

Enrolling at Ashworth College in her first degree program in 2010, Dorothy has also earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. With three degrees already under her belt, she is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Ashworth's Human Resource Management program. Dorothy is thankful that distance education has allowed her to take a non-traditional path to success and that she has been able to continue her education at various stages of her life with Ashworth College.

She currently works in the offices of the Florida House of Representatives' 34th district. Her degree in Psychology has helped her further develop empathy in order to better serve the constituents in her district, while her Paralegal degree has given her a better understanding of the legal terminology integral to her position. With her vast and varying knowledge, volunteering has become Dorothy's passion, and she has found it to be a rewarding experience that has allowed her to meet wonderful people. Earning her Bachelor's degree and her current studies in Human Resource Management have also invigorated her to set her sights even higher: potentially running for county commissioner in the future.

"I am very grateful to get a better education, even at the laTter part of my life. Through all the years I've been with Ashworth College, I have more analytical skills, more compassion, and education makes you see the world differently."