Craig Elliott

Lt. Col. Craig Elliott 
New Orleans, LA

He earned Three degrees in Six years
while serving his country

Craig Elliott joined the Marines right after high school, with no clear future plan. He attended college sporadically; trying to balance work, a family and school requirements. More than a decade later, he discovered Grantham University and began a journey that would eventually earn him an MBA in Project Management.

From 2004 to 2017, Craig conducted several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, was stationed in Japan for three years, and made multiple family moves across the United States; all the while taking advantage of Grantham University's distance classes. Craig earned his Associates in Computer Science, Bachelor's in Multidisciplinary Sciences (Cum Laude) and his Master's in Project Management (Distinction with a 4.0 GPA) at Grantham University, greatly contributing to his tremendous success as a Marine Officer. The knowledge and skills he gained at Grantham were critical in numerous programs and projects that he not only participated in and led, but ultimately forged him into his current role as the Marine Reserves Aviation Readiness Program Manager.

Since his graduation, Craig has utilized his skills in a variety of capacities both within and outside of his role in the Marine Corps. He volunteers in his local church community, at his children's schools, and several charities catering to the poor and underprivileged. A self-proclaimed "disciple of continuing education," Craig has recently begun teaching undergraduate business courses, helping other online learners such as himself to achieve their immediate educational goals.

"Without Grantham University's flexible distance education programs, I probably wouldn't have been able to complete my degrees without attending an actual brick and mortar institution. Without Grantham's caring student representatives and their supportive instructors, I wouldn't have had the drive and determination."