Donshea Hopkins

Donshea Hopkins 
Brooklyn, NY

Distance education allows her to have it all
while earning High School diploma

Donshea Hopkins is an actress, a performer, and an entrepreneur. Due to her demanding schedule, brick-and-mortar education was not an option. Attending James Madison High School allowed Donshea to complete her studies and earn a High School diploma while pursuing her creative passions.

Donshea enrolled in James Madison in 2016. She found it difficult to attend a regular high school due to her schedule while working on shows such as Power (Starz Network), Orange is the New Black (Netflix), The Detour (TBS/Comedy Central Networks), and The Bobby Brown Story (BET/Viacom Networks). Aside from acting, Donshea is also a music artist and CEO of her own clothing line and production company, which left little time for structured classroom studies.

James Madison High School's self-paced diploma program gave Donshea the flexibility she needed to balance her numerous careers with her education. When she wasn't working on set, Donshea was traveling, writing, producing, recording, designing, volunteering and raising donations for the less fortunate, and performing at different venues monthly. Such a hectic schedule caused her to fall behind in the courses she was enrolled in at the time. After enrolling in James Madison High School, she earned her High School diploma while continuing her journey as a true renaissance woman. 

"Every course was a new and exciting challenge that pushed me to be better. I couldn't attend a regular high school due to my demanding schedule. I am proud to say I've attended James Madison High School, and I wouldn't trade my education journey for the world."