George Jucan

George Jucan, Famous Alumni
Arlington, VA

Long time goal of continuing education becomes true due to UMT distance learning

A management consultant and instructor of project management courses, George Jucan kept dreaming about supplementing his MSc degree with business-related education. Distance education made his dream come true, and in 2018 George graduated from the University of Management and Technology with a MBA degree without having to pause his career.

Formalizing his business knowledge through the in-depth curriculum offered by UMT, and particularly the project management concentration of his MBA studies, allowed George Jucan to take to the next level his services of enabling organizational performance through efficient project, program and portfolio management. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial skills gained through the MBA courses allowed him to expand into new lines of business like training and general contracting for construction projects.

Paying it forward, George Jucan continues to share his knowledge and expertise not only through paid engagements, but also through training, writing books and articles, and as an active volunteer of Project Management Institute (ISO). He also serves as the Chair of the Canadian Mirror Committee to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for creating and maintaining the project, program and portfolio family of standards.

"After over 10 years of never being the right time to go back to school, the MBA program with project management concentration from University of Management and Technology allows me to fulfill my dream as it was a perfect fit for my interests, career objectives and life-work balance."