Victoria Davalos

Victoria Davalos
Plymouth, Maine

Perseverance in a Pandemic

Victoria's school was forced to close abruptly. She was uncertain she'd be able to achieve her dreams of obtaining a high school diploma & attending college. Thanks to Citizen's High School,she was able to complete her high school diploma earning high marks & submitting college applications to her dream colleges.

I am actually a senior at Citizens High School, which means many of us are expected to apply to college and universities. I am a great believer of education and have been very passionate for debate since I have memory. As I graduate high school, I have chosen the path to continue my studies in college and I am looking to study law as my first career and major in economics and international relations.

I am looking forward to 2021 as a year full of opportunities and open doors. I hope to achieve my main goal this year which graduating. I also expect to be accepted into the college I am applying to and soon begin with it. Aside from all the academic part, my goal is to travel my country and visit many beautiful places. 

"CHS has given me freedom, it has taught me to be responsible and constant as a student, definitely an experience that changed my life."