Michael Aliamus

Michael Aliamus
San Jose, CA

Grantham degree creates opportunities
for career and beyond

Michael Aliamus started his aerospace career in 1987, working as a carpenter. He worked his way up through the company over 33 years to the position of Senior Distinguished Engineer, Spacecraft Architect. He eventually earned his Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology degree from Grantham University in January 2021.

Michael graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. Though always outwardly confident, the degree quieted an ever-present insecurity he carried with him. Moreover, his oldest daughter was entering college and applied not-so-gentle encouragement for him to complete his degree.

Michael pursued his degree not to advance his career (he already held the highest engineering position in his company) but to create opportunities for when he retires. His goal is to work for the National Transportation Safety Board as a Go Team member, investigating transportation accidents. 

"I had started 'going to college' several times and accumulated a number of units. Grantham provided the structure and on-line access that made it possible to finally succeed. I credit Grantham's advisors with keeping me on-task and paving a smooth road over the two-year span from enrollment to a framed diploma on my office wall."