David Rains

David Rains
Cashmere, WA

Distance education helped David forge his own path.

David Rains is a man of varied interests, infinite ambition, and die-hard resolve. Earning his Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate from Sonoran Desert Institute helped David learn the trade he is passionate about. What's more, this experience helped him prove to himself that he can achieve any dream he pursues.

While simultaneously managing the production of a local distillery and exploring an interest in viticulture, Mr. Rains decided to enroll in SDI's Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program with the hopes of one day opening his own gunsmithing shop. He continued to work while attending the distance education classes, but balancing work, family, and his studies was not the only challenge David faced during his time at SDI. While a student, he underwent brain surgery as treatment for prolactinoma, a non-cancerous tumor of the pituitary gland. Despite the resultant headaches and sometimes serious side effects of medications, David persevered. Thanks to his own grit, the support of his loving wife, and the encouragement of faculty at SDI, David's perseverance paid off: He ultimately graduated with a high GPA and commendations from several instructors.

After graduating from SDI, David was able to put his skills to work helping with projects for a local YouTube personality involved in the firearms and reloading industries. He continues to work in distillation while keeping his gunsmithing skills sharp by working on his own fleet and volunteering at the local youth trap shooting club. David is exploring the next steps in opening that shop he dreamed about when enrolling at SDI and hopes to learn more about machining as well as research and development as he continues to forge his own path. 

"Those who are unwilling to take advantage of the opportunities given to them every day miss out on opportunities that will change their future."