March 25, 2020

As information and events continue to rapidly unfold related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at DEAC trust that you and yours are keeping safe and well. The spread of the coronavirus will continue to cause major disruptions. We are thinking about you and how to more flexibly support DEAC institutions and programs. Please know that DEAC is fully operational while staff telework from home. You may contact us any time via email or reach us or at the DEAC main phone line at (202) 234-5100.

2020 On-site evaluation schedule

DEAC's Director of Accreditation, Nan Ridgeway, is contacting institutions that are anticipating visits for Spring and Fall 2020 to review options for the on-site evaluation schedule. DEAC understands institutions are making adjustments to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff. We appreciate hearing from institutions about any changes that need coordination with DEAC in view of the standards of accreditation. The USDE Office of Postsecondary Education offered guidance to accreditors regarding on-site evaluations that DEAC is reviewing carefully. We will keep all institutions informed of any changes to DEAC procedures that may result from these guidelines.

Guidance and resources

DEAC institutions, especially those that participate in Federal Student Financial Aid programs, should review the following resources for important guidance and information.

CARE Act Stimulus Program for Higher Education

Guidance for Interruptions of Study Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnel

COVID-19 and Forbearance Information for Borrowers

Summary of the Higher Education-related Provisions of the Cares Act

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Potential Procedural Adaptations for F and M Nonimmigrant Students

Powers Update Regarding COVID-19 Guidance for Postsecondary Institutions

The DEAC 94th Annual Conference

The health and well-being of our members, attendees, and partners has been top of mind these past few weeks as well as the current and future well-being of the association overall. As you likely expected, the conference scheduled for April 19-21, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana will not take place as planned.

Refund Information

DEAC has refunded all registration fees in the original form of payment. DEAC automatically initiated credit card refunds to the card used to pay your registration. For registrations paid via check, DEAC has issued check refunds to the payer on your check payment. (Please Note: It may take up to 15 days to receive your check refund.) Please contact Rob Chalifoux, DEAC's director of Media and Events, via email with any questions or concerns regarding refunds.

Hotel and Travel Information

Conference attendees are responsible for canceling their own hotel and travel reservations. Please remember to cancel your own hotel and travel reservations as soon as possible.

Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting will take place virtually, via webinar, on Monday, April 27 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Registration is required to attend the virtual Annual Business Meeting. Click here for more information, including a link to register for the meeting. (Please Note: The Annual Business Meeting is open only to representatives from institutions currently accredited by DEAC.)

New Online Offerings

DEAC is working to create online versions of the content it planned for the Annual Conference. We are also continuing to refine and build more valuable content to deliver online. Please look for more information coming soon. If you have an idea for hosting an online event or have content you would like to share, please reach out to Dr. Leslie Urofsky to discuss your ideas and options.

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