An increasing number of students are choosing programs accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Why? The convenience and flexibility of distance education is appealing to students who have to work full time while enrolled, have families, or are seeking to advance in their professions. 

For the 33rd consecutive year, DEAC is proud to honor the fine work of its accredited institutions and showcase the significant accomplishments of our graduates and alumni. We are fortunate to work with distance education institutions that are diverse, dynamic, and fully engaged in providing the best possible distance education experience for our students.

The stories of our graduates and alumni have touched hearts and changed minds about distance education and DEAC's important role in educating the 21st century workforce. By honoring our most inspirational graduates, we are able to demonstrate the importance of distance education in the lives of people throughout our country and the world.

Twenty exceptional graduates were selected by the distance education institutions they attended. Selection criteria included the graduates' academic records and the level and quality of their contributions to society and to their chosen professions. For 2016, we've also included entries on two famous alumni.

We know that it's always been our students and graduates who matter the most. Please join us in applauding the outstanding achievements of these talented men and women who represent more than two million distance education students now achieving their education goals at DEAC-accredited institutions.

2016 Outstanding Graduates

Twenty exceptional graduates were honored at DEAC's 90th Annual Conference. Click the institution name to read more about how these graduates benefited both personally and professionally from distance education.

2016 Famous Alumni

Learn how distance education programs propelled these graduates into exceptional accomplishments in their chosen profession.

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