It's been a busy couple of weeks in Congress. On Tuesday, October 15, House Democrats released their proposal to reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA). The College Affordability Act, if it becomes law, would represent a major extension of federal involvement into areas related to academic decision-making, accreditation oversight and transparency, and institutional performance benchmarking. The Act would also preserve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, require annual loan counseling and repeal the current ban on obtaining and reporting student-level data. At over 1,200 pages, the Democrats' proposal stands in stark contrast to the Senate Republican HEA reauthorization bill, which took a piecemeal approach to HEA reauthorization. A summary of the Senate bill, the Student Aid Improvement Act, is featured in the October Washington Insights. Look for more information and analysis of the House bill in future editions of Washington Insights.

Read the October 2019 Washington Insights.

Washington Insights provides the latest news, guidance, and inside-the-beltway advice on the complex subject of financial aid in higher education. Washington Insights is prepared by Dr. Sharon Bob, Ph.D., the Distance Education Accrediting Commission's Special Consultant on Student Aid.

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