Distance Education Accrediting Commission
1101 17th Street NW, Suite 808
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 234-5100
Email: info@deac.org

Leah Matthews, Executive Director
Extension 101

Nan Ridgeway, Director of Accreditation
Extension 103
commission meetings, substantive changes, self-evaluation reports, volunteers, site-visits, institutional enhancement reports

Robert Chalifoux, Director, Media and Events
Extension 104
annual conference and fall workshop, regional and on-site meetings, website, publications

Lissette Hubbard, Manager of Institutional Development and Assessment
Extension 105
course reviews, program curriculum reviews, approved program database

Leslie Urofsky, Academic Review Specialist
Extension 100
readiness assessment, institutional submissions of curriculum and academic units

Jessica Lucey, Manager of Institutional Review
Extension 107
agency notices, commission meetings, institutional submissions, general accreditation review

Martina Soares-Knize, Accreditation Coordinator
Extension 106
applications for accreditation, accreditation records, international contracts, on-site evaluations, visit reports

Elvera M.A. Pollard, Office Administrator
Extension 102
general inquiries, complaints, office administration, operations

Charles (Chip) Baldwin, Chief Financial Officer
Extension 100
budget, financial operations, accounting

Curtis Campbell, Accounts Specialist
Extension 100
accounts payable, bookkeeping, expense reimbursement