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Featured Updates

DEAC Announces Board Expansion and Call for Nominations

The DEAC Board of Directors made a decision to expand from 10 Directors to 12.

DEAC: 2024 Annual Conference

The DEAC’s 2024 Annual Conference will take place April 14-16 at the Omni La Mansion Del Rio hotel in San Antonio, Texas. More information, including details on registering for the meeting, reserving a hotel room, and the Conference schedule, are available using the links below.

Registration is now available!

Presenting Data for Effect

Let your data tell a story about your institution and your amazing students. This webinar illustrates strategies on optimal data presentation for reporting and institutional effectiveness.

Foundations of Institutional Assessment

Data-informed conversations impact just about everyone who is involved institutional success and improvement.

Foundations of Institutional Assessment – Part II

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission periodically offers educational webinars on topics relevant to DEAC accreditation standards, policies, and procedures; legislative updates; and other topics relevant to the distance education field.
DEAC News Releases
The DEAC disseminates important information to its accredited institutions and to the public via news releases.