Military Service Members

Institutions accredited by the DEAC have a long history of participating in voluntary postsecondary education opportunities for servicemembers worldwide. Distance education programs offer a wide variety of degree program options that can advance career goals while in active military service. 

As a recognized accreditor, DEAC is familiar with the expectations the United States Department of Education (USDE), the Department of Defense, and the Department of Veteran affairs have to assure that high educational standards and ethical business practices are implemented in the accreditation process. The Defense Activities Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES) is another important resource for military servicemembers and is a leader in expanding quality voluntary education opportunities and services to military service members and veterans.

The benefits of distance education are already well-established. Its convenience and flexibility are immensely appealing to individuals who are seeking a part-time option that is well suited to a busy life of full-time work, family obligations and other pressures. It is also important to consider that for post-traditional students, such as current servicemembers and veterans, a return to a college environment can be overwhelming. Programs of study available online cover the entire spectrum of disciplines, ranging from certification in an information technology field, to health sciences, to business program degrees. Enrolling in a distance education program can also help to alleviate the challenges active duty servicemembers face related to geographic mobility, deployments, and other disruptions that interfere with their academic pursuits. Key aspects are flexibility and connections. More than ever, distance education is building communities of learners who are making connections between their work, research, and personal experiences in ways that are not often discussed in traditional classrooms but are attuned to the nuances of digital workflows. 

For a list of institutions that offer distance education programs that are approved for TA, please visit the DoD Voluntary Education website.