The Distance Education Accrediting Commission has the authority to establish and promulgate criteria for the evaluation and accreditation of distance education institutions. These criteria take the form of Accreditation Standards, Policies, and Procedures set forth in the DEAC Accreditation Handbook. The Commission uses these criteria as it evaluates institutions and makes accreditation decisions. The criteria are under a continual and systematic review. Changes are made as appropriate and as required.

Persons, institutions and organizations with an interest in the accreditation standards and policies are invited to comment on Proposed Accreditation Standards, Policies and Procedures and will be notified of the date for when any changes will be given final consideration by the Commission. Interested persons, institutions, and organizations will be given at least 30 days to file written comments with the Executive Director.

The Commission, after considering written comments, will conduct a further review of changes proposed to the Standards, Policies and Procedures. The Commission may adopt the changes to Accreditation Standards, Policies and Procedures as proposed, adopt with changes or modifications, defer action until further study and consideration is given, or discard the proposed changes altogether.

Comments on the proposed changes can be submitted via the DEAC's online comment submission form.  

Documents out for Public Comment

DEAC accepted comments through June 7, 2022 on draft guidelines for blended learning models that combine distance education instruction with in-person instruction. Documenting academic engagement across a variety of such models is a key feature of this guideline document. 

Defining Distance Education Considerations for Hybrid/Blended Programs 

DEAC accepted comments through June 7, 2022. The Commission will consider submitted comments at its June 2022 meeting and, following this meeting, will report on any action it has taken with respect to the document out for comment.