The Distance Education Accrediting Commission has the authority to establish and promulgate criteria for the evaluation and accreditation of distance education institutions. These criteria take the form of Accreditation Standards, Policies, and Procedures set forth in the DEAC Accreditation Handbook. The Accrediting Commission uses these criteria as it evaluates institutions and makes accreditation decisions. The criteria are under a continual and systematic review. Changes are made as appropriate and as required.

Persons, institutions and organizations with an interest in the Commission's accreditation standards and policies are invited to comment on Proposed Accreditation Standards, Policies and Procedures. and will be notified of the date for when any changes will be given final consideration by the Accrediting Commission. Interested persons, institutions, and organizations will be given at least 30 days to file written comments with the Executive Director of the Accrediting Commission.

The Accrediting Commission, after considering written comments, will conduct a further review of changes proposed to the Standards, Policies and Procedures. The Commission may adopt the changes to Accreditation Standards, Policies and Procedures as proposed, adopt with changes or modifications, defer action until further study and consideration is given, or discard the proposed changes altogether.

The Commission issued a Call for Comment on February 26, 2020 and will continue to receive comments through April 30, 2020. Provide any written comments via email to Dr. Leah Matthews by April 30, 2020. The standards that are the subject of this comment period are the following:

Part III Accreditation Standards, Standard VIII. Admission Practices and Enrollment Agreements

A proposed change is recommended for Standard VIII.F Transfer Credits to allow for an increase in the number of transferable credits for master's and doctoral degrees. New language for the standard is indicated in bold, underlined font.

Standard VIII.F Transfer Credits
In instances where a student seeks to transfer more than the maximum allowable percentage of required credit hours specified in the relevant degree category listed in subsections F.2 through F.5 below, the institution must conduct a comprehensive assessment of the student's credits earned and document how the credits align with its program outcomes. In such cases, transfer credit allowances may not exceed the lesser of any applicable state requirements or 90 percent of the credits required for undergraduate degrees, 75 percent of the credits required for master's degrees or first professional degrees, or 40 percent of the credits required for professional doctoral degrees.

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