In accordance with its procedure for Notification and Information Sharing (Section XV, Process and Procedures, DEAC Accreditation Handbook) and 34 Code of Federal Regulations Ā§602.26(b)(1), the DEAC Accrediting Commission will provide written notice to the U.S. Secretary of Education, the appropriate state licensing or authorizing agencies, and the appropriate accrediting agencies, at the same time it notifies the institution of the show cause directive decision, but no later than 30 days after the Commission makes a decision to place an institution on Show Cause. The Accrediting Commission provides this notice to the public on its website.

Fleming Island, FL

At its June 2022 meeting, the Commission considered the application for renewal of accreditation and voted to direct CHS to show cause why its accreditation should not be withdrawn.

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St. Joseph, MO

At its January 2022 meeting, the Commission approved a change of ownership for American Business and Technology University (ABTU) and extended the deferral action for an additional six months to review the implementation of the change of ownership and new financial information that would be available as a result of the change of ownership.

The Commission considered post-closing documentation and the application for renewal of accreditation at its June 2022 meeting. The Commission determined that the information provided by ABTU during the course of an eighteen-month deferral period has not demonstrated that the institution is in compliance with DEAC Standards. Accordingly, the Commission directed ABTU to show cause as to why accreditation should not be withdrawn. 

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