The DEAC publishes a list of the institutions scheduled for consideration at its next Commission meeting on its website. Accredited institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies, industry members, the general public and other interested parties are invited to submit written comments pertaining to any institution included on the Commission's list. Comments should include information that will assist the Commission in making a decision regarding the accreditation action pending for an institution. Any comments received will be forwarded to the institution, which will then have an opportunity to submit a response to those comments. The Commission is accepting comments through May 20, 2022. Please click here to use the Comment Form to submit comments. The Commission meets in January and June.

Applicants for Initial Accreditation

The following institutions have submitted applications for initial accreditation to the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Initial applicants are publicly announced by DEAC in its publications and on the DEAC website once an applicant has completed a successful Readiness Assessment. DEAC does not have a candidacy status and advises institutions not to publicize the fact that they have applied for DEAC accreditation so that students will not be misled into enrolling based on the impression that the institution will become accredited. The following institutions have submitted applications for their initial grant of accreditation:

  • Accelerated Training Institute, Garden City, ID
  • ADEN University, Miami, FL
  • Agora University, Springfield, VA
  • American Vision University, Anaheim Hills, CA
  • Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, Studio City, CA
  • Calbright College, Sacramento, CA
  • Jose Maria Vargas University, Pembroke Pines, FL
  • MIU City University Miami, Miami, FL
  • Newlane University, Lehi, UT
  • Nexford University, Washington, DC
  • San Diego Global Knowledge University, San Diego, CA
  • San Ignacio University, Doral, FL
  • Seminary for the Third Millennium (dba Thirdmill Seminary), Casselberry, FL
  • Setanta College, Tipperary, Ireland
  • SUMMA University, Doral, FL
  • Swiss School of Management, Bellinzona, Switzerland
  • United Medical Institute, Citrus Heights, CA
  • University of Pasadena, Torrance, CA
  • Vine University, Los Angeles, CA

Applicants for Renewal of Accreditation

The following institutions have submitted applications for their renewal of accreditation to the Distance Education Accrediting Commission:

  • California Miramar University, San Diego, CA
  • Citizens' High School, Fleming Island, FL
  • Harrison Middleton University, Tempe AZ
  • Holmes Institute, Golden, CO
  • Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington, DC
  • Shiloh University, Kalona, IA
  • Viridis Graduate Institute, Tempe, AZ
  • William Carey International University, Pasadena, CA

If you have any comments concerning these institutions, please click here to submit them via the Comment form.