Seeking Accreditation

Accreditation is a primary means of quality assurance in United States higher education and a significant resource for quality improvement. Accreditation has always been associated with peer judgments about quality and has been the work of nongovernmental accrediting agencies such as DEAC. To begin the process, institutions must first meet the eligibility criteria described in the Accreditation Handbook.
Applying For Accreditation
Reviewing the DEAC Accreditation Handbook eligibility criteria is a critical first step in the process.
Eligibility Requirements
Before DEAC accepts an initial application it determines that the institution fully meets the eligibility criteria.
State Authorization
Evidence of proper state licensure and authorization is an essential eligibility requirement.
The DEAC Accreditation Handbook
A detailed compilation of the Commission’s standards, policies and procedures.
Applications and Reports
Applications, forms and reports are used to inform DEAC of changes and may address multiple accreditation requirements.
2023 Annual Report Submission Guide
Your institution can use the guide to complete the Annual Report submission process.
Online Training Center
Enroll in and complete Preparing for DEAC Accreditation before applying for accreditation.
Contact Our Director
DEAC's Director of Accreditation handles all inquiries into the accreditation process.