Debra Woods

Accreditation Compliance Specialist (2023 – Present)

Dr. Debra Woods has been affiliated with DEAC since 2016 and currently serves as an Accreditation Compliance Specialist. In addition, Dr. Woods continues to serve as an analyst on DEAC’s annual reporting on a part-time basis. Prior to her current role with DEAC, Dr. Woods served as an educational standards and subject specialist reviewer.

Dr. Woods’s other higher education appointments have included Director, NetMath Online programs and off-campus programs at University of Illinois, and as Executive Director and Academic Director of O’Reilly School of Technology. In addition, Dr. Woods also served as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research where she oversaw scientific and regulatory learning, leadership learning, core competency learning, and organizational development.

Dr. Woods has an earned EdD in Organizational Leadership from California Coast University, an MBA from Western Governor’s University, an MS in Mathematics from University of Southern California, and a BS in Mathematics from University of California, Los Angeles.