Jessica Lucey

Manager of Institutional Review (2014 – Present)

Ms. Jessica Lucey joined DEAC in February 2017 as the Office Administrator. In June 2023, after garnering several years of experience in varying accreditation procedures and DEAC standards, Ms. Lucey was promoted to Manager of Institutional Review. In this role, Ms. Lucey is primarily responsible for coordinating and managing the agenda and materials for the DEAC Commission meetings, including preparing notice to the relevant constituencies and the public of institutions to be considered for accreditation and the resulting accreditation decisions. Ms. Lucey is also responsible for the review of institutional submissions and the preparation of documents associated with Commission meetings. Ms. Lucey is involved with several local theater companies, including the Shakespeare Theater Company, supporting various productions as Stage Manager, Teaching Artist, and Run Crew member. Ms. Lucey received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Harvard University, where she was awarded the David McCord Prize for exceptional talent in drama and/or the fine arts.