Leslie Urofsky

Academic Review Specialist (2018 – Present)

Dr. Leslie Urofsky joined DEAC in March 2018. In her role as Academic Review Specialist, she primarily handles the analysis of institutional submission of curriculum and academic units for accreditation review, with a specific focus on the delivery of curriculum and instruction provided via distance education. Dr. Urofsky brings over 20 years of teaching experience and specifically over 10 years of distance education teaching experience in applied ethics at both the undergraduate and graduate collegiate level. Dr. Urofsky’s graduate studies in ethics, theology and culture, afforded her the opportunity to study and work in comparative religious ethics as well as in applied ethics areas such as biomedical, advertising, and business. She served DEAC as a Degree Subject Specialist from 2009 to 2018. Dr. Urofsky earned a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College, Northfield, MN; a Master of Arts and PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia.