Foundations of Institutional Assessment – Part II

In his previous webinar, Foundations of Institutional Assessment, Dr. Ray Rodriquez offered a high-level overview of why institutional effectiveness assessment is necessary; principles of educational assessment; the role of assessment in teaching and learning, differentiating diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments; differentiating evaluation, measurement, and assessment; and what constitutes evidence of the achievement of student learning.

DEAC and Dr. Rodriguez offered a follow-up to this webinar that took a deeper dive into answering the most basic question on institutional effectiveness: How do we know we are fulfilling our mission? How do we know our students are learning and growing? How do we document that we are achieving our institutional mission? How can we fully unleash our institution’s potential? Discussions and strategies on how to develop and organize your evaluation, assessment and improvement initiatives and effectively use data for institutional improvement were continued and deepened. These functions are key to institution research, academic program review, learning outcomes assessment, accreditation, and much more. 

The one hour webinar is now available on demand.