The Commission is comprised of ten members. Five members are from DEAC-accredited institutions and are elected by institutions that hold DEAC accreditation status. Five members are appointed by the Commission to represent the public. At least two public members of the Commission must be academics, defined by DEAC as an individual who works full time at an educational institution and who actively teaches, delivers educational content to students and/or engages in educational research related to the institution's mission. Currently, one institution representative position on the Commission is vacant until nominations are finalized and an election is held to fill the vacancy.

The Commission is primarily responsible for making final decisions as to whether an institution should be granted accreditation or reaccreditation or should have its accreditation withdrawn. The Commission is also responsible for making all material decisions relating to an institution's accreditation, including, by way of example, (1) the implementation of enforcement actions with respect to institutions which appear to have fallen out of compliance with DEAC standards, and (2) the approval or withholding of approval of substantive changes which may be requested by an institution. It applies its standards and policies in a manner that respects the mission of an institution, including those with faith-based or religious missions, to ensure and advance the aim of institutional improvement and effectiveness.

Current Members of the Commission

The following individuals are current members of the Commission. Click each Commissioner's name to view their biography.

Wanda Nitsch*
President, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2024
Chair, Executive Committee

Traci Lee
President, Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI)
Term expires March 31, 2025
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

Michael Harter*
President and CEO of T.H.E. Inc. and the Tulsa Wedding School (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2024
Treasurer, Executive Committee

Stephen Haas 
Education Director and Chief Academic Officer, National Paralegal College
Term expires March 31, 2024
Member-at-Large, Executive Committee

Tracey Abell
President, American College of Healthcare Sciences
Term expires March 31, 2024

Amanda Harrison
Chief Operating Officer, Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies
Term expires March 31, 2026

Robert Frankel
Chief Academic Officer, Genesis University & National Tax Training School
Term expires March 31, 2026

Robert Allison*
Principal, Allison Consulting
Term expires March 31, 2025

Marcia Ditmyer*
Dean, Saginaw Valley University (SVSU) College for Health and Human Services
Term expires March 31, 2026

Peter Smith*
Orkand Chair and Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education, University of Maryland Global Campus (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2026

*public member