The Accrediting Commission is comprised of ten members. Five members are from DEAC-accredited institutions and are elected by institutions that hold DEAC accreditation status. Five members are appointed by the Commission to represent the public. At least two public members of the Commission must be academics, defined by DEAC as an individual who works full time at an educational institution and who actively teaches, delivers educational content to students and/or engages in educational research related to the institution's mission.

Current Members of the Accrediting Commission

The following individuals are current members of the Accrediting Commission. Click each Commissioner's name to view their biography.

Lucien "Skip" Capone*
University Counsel, University of North Carolina, Asheville (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2023
Chair, Executive Committee

Cheryl Hayek
Chief Academic Officer, The Art of Education University
Term expires March 31, 2023
Vice-Chair, Executive Committee

Traci Lee
President, Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI)
Term expires March 31, 2022
Treasurer, Executive Committee

Jack Goetz*
Lecturer, USC Gould School of Law
Term expires March 31, 2023
Member at Large, Executive Committee

Khalilah Burton
Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Compliance, Columbia Southern University
Term expires March 31, 2024

Gordon Drummond
President, Sessions College for Professional Design
Term expires March 31, 2023

Michael Harter*
President and CEO of T.H.E. Inc. and the Tulsa Wedding School (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2024

Wanda Nitsch*
President, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2024

John Sabatini*
Divisional Vice President at Laureate Global Products and Services (Retired)
Term expires March 31, 2022

Cheri St Arnauld
President, Chief Academic Officer, Aspen University
Term expires March 31, 2024

*Public Member



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